Historically, institutional investors have monopolized catalog royalty assets, enabling them to exert significant control over artists and dictating the terms under which they acquire the copyright interest, often prioritizing financial returns without any regard to fandom.

At MOTYF, we aim to disrupt this status quo and shift that power from institutions to artists and their fans.

MOTYF Services

Artists retain full copyright ownership of their catalog. Artists have the flexibility to sell just a portion of their royalties, such as 20%, or
only specific streams, like PRO royalties.

Artists can earn 30% more on their catalog than if they were to sell it to an institutional investor by opening catalog access to a new class of retail investors who have the lowest cost of capital.

Artists can repurchase their catalog back whenever, or at a lower price, thereby generating profit from the price difference or sell more of their unsold royalties at a higher price, if there is demand.

Why would artists make more with fans than with institutional investors?


Reflects current market for securitized royalty income debt at 50% leverage


Net present value based on 30-yr cash flow of an example song catalog asset generating $100 per year and declines 5% per year


Assets with growing royalties will generally have larger premiums at lower discount rates, mathematically speaking



Cost of Equity



Cost of Debt (1)



Leverage Ratio



Total Cost of Capital



Net Present Value (2)(3)



Premium Better



We are a boutique fintech agency that helps artists and musicians (1) maximize their returns for their royalties, while (2) retaining full copyright ownership of their catalog, by allowing fans and retail investors to invest safely in fractionalized royalties
Whereas the music industry has been struggling to build fandom in today's hyper-fragmented landscape, MOTYF unlocks true fandom, providing artists with new and better fan monetization models, while fans inherently are now incentivized to push their artist's success.
MOTYF is the first and only music web3 investment platform to be 100% SEC- and FINRA-compliant, ensuring artists, fans and investors are protected, unlike Royal, anotherblock, Opulous, etc.
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